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Our team consists of Valentine Saarloos, real estate manager and Julien Saarloos advisor and construction partner. As siblings, we share a passion for real estate, optimized workflows, and punctuality. We’re young, ambitious, and eager to work. Julien started working in the real estate branch half a decade ago, and Valentine started assisting with buying, renting out, and renovating properties.


Valentine and Julien took all their lessons behind the scenes as they developed a straightforward real estate management system. Throughout their years of working in the industry, V3S established a vast network of realtors, contractors, and buyers within multiple cities in The Netherlands.


V3S offers comprehensive real estate property management services. We can lighten your workload by assisting with the sales or rent of properties. Our assistance includes handling viewings, guiding renovation, and taking care of administrational work. On top of that, we can also offer a full-service package where we guide the entire sales or rental process, including the renovation, (re)decoration of your property. 


Our team specializes in creating the optimal look and feel for each unit. We’re here to handle all your inquiries, commercial, financial, and personal.


When you reach out to V3S, we’ll be prepared to find the best solution for you within 48 hours on any given day. Within our secured platform, we’ve created an ever-growing set of tenants, real estate purchasers, contractors, interior designers, furniture suppliers, legal advisors, and many more. In collaboration with our network, we’re able to solve any issues you might face or expansion of your real estate agenda, you might envision


When your inquiry arrives, we’ll schedule a meeting as soon as possible, often on the same day. Within this meeting, numerous solutions will pass by until we find the best fit for you. We’ll then consult our network and simply get to work as soon as possible. We know how fast the real estate market can move, so we want to allow you to accelerate even faster.


In close collaboration with the construction company Bouw Matters B.V., we can offer complete renovations or small touch-ups. We’ve helped realtors realize the sales of their properties by renovating and redecorating the property within a matter of weeks. 


We’re located in the heart of Amsterdam, but our network reaches further into the Netherlands. In each of our current locations, we work with a robust set of connections to quickly solve inquiries. We’re actively expanding our network by adding more cities along the way. At the moment we are active in the following cities:


  • Amsterdam

  • Haarlem

  • Den Haag

  • Rotterdam

  • And more to come…

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Valentine Saarloos founded V3S in 2020 in collaboration with her brother Julien Saarloos. After walking around in the real estate industry for over five years, V3S realized there’s plenty of room for improvement. Throughout meeting with various industry professionals, forming strong partnerships, againing new knowledge every day, Valentine and Julien created the blueprint for managing, selling, or renting any real estate property. 


Sharing a family-bond, Valentine, and Julien know how vital a personal and diligent workflow can be. The 3 in V3S stands for success, luck and teamwork. However, the number three also represents the triangle in every collaboration between V3S, you, and the third party. 


V3S gained traction in Amsterdam with a single property but shortly after managed to expand its operations to Rotterdam, Zaandam, and The Hague. We’re filled with joy, ambition, and pride when we’re looking at the future. 



Real Estate Rental

Do you have a property up for rent? We can help with finding the right tenant for your house or apartment. We’re taking care of anything from the first moment it enters the market until the new tenant enters the apartment. 


Our services include:


  • A thorough analysis of the property to observe where renovation or redecoration is due

  • Renovation or redecoration if necessary

  • Advertising on the market and within our network

  • Viewing the property to any interested party

  • Communications with tenants and third parties

  • Legal contracts and paperwork

  • Key handover and settlement with tenant 

Management Administration

Administration and contract paperwork can be a hassle, we know. We’re here to assist you with creating a seamless flow to handle the administration and management for your properties. We’re storing your tenants’ and property data on our secured platform and taking care of your tenant’s future communication. We’re saving you time and effort, so you don’t have to do anything but collect your monthly paycheck. 


Our services include:


  • Saving legal contracts and paperwork in a secured data platform

  • Communication with tenants during the rental period 

  • Assisting for all technical requests, including construction inquiries, as agreed in the contract

  • Renew legal contracts and paperwork when needed

Real Estate Sale 

Selling real estate is a core principle of what V3S stands for. We’ve created a strong network of real estate purchasers, renovators, and interior designers to sell your property for the right price rapidly. 


Our services include:


  • A thorough analysis of the property to observe where renovation or redecoration is due

  • Renovation or redecoration if necessary

  • Advertising on the market and within our network

  • Viewing the property to any interested party

  • Communications with purchasers and third parties

  • Legal contracts and paperwork

Project management renovations

Renovations, touch up, anything new in your real estate, you name it and we will make it. Together with our partner Bouw Matters BV we can assist you to build your dream image and make it reality.


Our services include:

  • Full price offer for any renovation subject

  • Professional help with your design

  • Technical drawings

  • Deconstruction

  • Full house renovations

  • Small renovations

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